Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Happenings!

We returned from Disney World ready to take on the holidays at home! My MOPs group had a Christmas breakfast that included a visit from Santa and some crafts - check out lil miss enjoying her cookie!

Every year, I make the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls to give as gifts and to have for Christmas morning. This year, I had the perfect sous chef! 

She also found Bubba's pirate patch - she ran to find it one day when watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You can take the girl outta Disney, but you can't take Disney outta the girl :)

She was just too cute during the .4 seconds she wore this headband. She opted for the Minnie Mouse purse for our shopping trip. And who knew they made hot pink carts?? Super exciting. 

Big brother had fun at his holiday party at school - complete with games, crafts, and Santa!

We spend quite a bit of time outside with the kids. Our sweet neighbor, Bella, is pretty much a new member of our family. She is so good with both kids!

We had the Odells and VanCompernolles over for a holiday dinner complete with a hot chocolate bar and a trip to see Christmas lights!

Our friend invited us to his home for a traditional Mexican posada. It is a beautiful tradition where you reenact Joseph and Mary's journey to find a place to stay before our Savior's birth. My sweet girl and I before we left for Gerardo's.

And look who was asked to play Joseph! He did a great job! I loved this holiday celebration so much - G asked many questions, and it started some good discussion about what this season is really about!

The traditional pinata was a huge hit for the kids!

We also took G ice skating to finish out all the holiday fun! What sweet memories - we laughed ourselves silly! How perfect is this face??

The holidays are a time for us to catch up with old friends! We got to meet sweet babies Caroline and William and see their mommy, Page! Emmy also made a new friend with this sweet pup. 

I love the fun of the holidays as well as the memories made! So far, it's been a wonderful holiday season!

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