Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

We started the Christmas season with the return of Steve the elf! He came bringing goodies for the kids!

Lil miss is ready to go get the Christmas tree!

Our 4th annual trip to High Star Farm to select the perfect tree! 

Santa was there too - and isn't Emmy excited about meeting him?!

And for the record - this is G's first time to ever sit on his lap! It took 6 LONG years for him to do it!

Took a little train ride to look over the trees and make our pick!

We settled for a small tree since we would be gone for a week. It's also good for a curious 16-month old too - it doesn't require many ornaments for her to knock down and break! But, she's more obsessed with plugging in the lights. That girl. 

Happy Holidays!

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