Saturday, September 6, 2014

Emmy turns ONE!

My sweet Emmy Lou,

You are officially ONE! This year has been exciting, crazy, scary, and BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for completing our little family and bringing so much energy and joy! Just a few of your favorite things:

1. Your brother - I'm pretty sure you don't know his first name because you constantly call for "Bubba!" Your favorite thing to do when you wake up is look for him and wave. You are definitely able now to keep up with him - and he loves every second! 

2. FOOD. Girl, you like to eat! And we better put the food down quickly because you inhale it all! We've had some misses (green veggies - you are your father's daughter), but you do love turkey, avocado, waffles, cheese, graham crackers, grapes, and many more things! I hope you keep up this appetite!

3. Your baby dolls. Mi-Maw bought you a couple then you got one more from the Odells. You love to look for your baby (which you can say too!), hug them, and pat their backs!

4. You can now say - bubba, baby, dada, mama, eat, more, bye-bye, hi, rain, and wow! I love hearing your little voice!

5. You are a daredevil. I just had to put up our bench because you like to climb on it then stand up so proud. Take it easy, little sister!

6. You love to be outside. If a door is open, out you go! You don't care what the weather is, you just want to be outside in it! 

7. You love the phone. Of course you want to play with it, but you love to talk on it - especially to Dada! And, you prefer Face Time so you can see who you are talking to!

You are the light in our lives; you bring us such joy! I do miss the baby stages, but I love the little feisty lady you are becoming. Please never lose that light and know that we THANK GOD everyday for your life. We pray for a bright future and hope you know that you are our dream come true!


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