Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Photo Dump - Part V

Just kidding - I have a couple more posts to catch up on our summer fun! 

Our longtime buddies - Caden and Braxton - came over for some LOUD fun! These boys have been buddies since they were born! Crazy, sweet boys...

G was able to spend a weekend with Mi-Maw and also caught up with Uncle Doug!

Thank you, Aunt Hilary, for Emmy's precious Aggie outfit! We will see this often during football season - I love it, and she does too!

Sweet bubba sharing some Sonic ice water with the sister!

Griffin has been attending swim lessons at Houston Swim Club since May. We really wanted him to be a confident swimmer since we have a pool. I am so proud of him - he was a great student, and I'm happy to report he is a little fish now (he was promoted to the highest level at the club so we were excited). What a great place - I highly recommend it!

Emmy's turn with Uncle Doug - he gave her a tea party set!

One of her favorite things is to look out any window - here she is watching Daddy cut the grass. She would scream "DAD" every time he would go by the window!

G had his annual eye exam - they are so patient with a curious, busy boy! His vision is the same, but we did get some new glasses! The glasses brand is TMX so I told him it meant "Teenage Mutant Extreme." It worked for him! He struggles sometimes because he feels "different" with the glasses, but everyone assures him they make him look extra smart! 

Oh the window again....

The Reeds went camping again to close out our summer! It was to a close camp ground, and we were able to swim, fish, play games, and enjoy the outdoors!

The summer bucket list is almost complete! He had quite the list, and I think we covered it all! Stay tuned...

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