Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Photo Dump - Part IV

We still have so much summer to document - I can't believe it's getting closer to ordering yet another blog book (which is my version of scrapbooking!). So here we go with some more summer photos....

We went to the Children's Museum with Mi-Maw, Kiki, and Jill. We all had fun, and I loved the toddler area - little sister will definitely be back for more fun!

Then, on July 19th, Emmy decided to start walking! She has not stopped since and could not let her brother beat her - they both started walking at 11 months old. Go girl!

Hans and I also celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July! We were able to have a nice night out, and we are looking forward to our vacation in October! Love you, Pocket!

My BFF, Amanda, came to San Antonio in July so the kids and I set out to have some fun! Thanks to my other BFF Amy for having us and letting us enjoy each other's company as we have for over 25 years!

G created a summer bucket list so we had to check some items off - here is our trip to the zoo! We are very thankful that Hans has some Fridays off so we could have family time! Emmy Lou loved meeting this catfish :)

Stay tuned for more summer fun...I'm hoping one more post will cover all we did during Summer 2014! We have such a big event coming up this fall - KINDERGARTEN!

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