Monday, September 8, 2014


My baby is in kindergarten! I have been anxious about sending this little boy to school. I am SO happy he has been nothing but excited - even counting down the days! We had Meet the Teacher a few days before school started, and he met Ms. Fichtel, his new classmates, and practiced getting off/on a bus (my biggest fear). Here is our big boy....

And then I blinked, and he was starting kindergarten. He was beyond excited!

When my friend Kristin's little boy (Reed) started kindergarten, our other friend Jennifer came over to write chalk messages to him on the way to the bus stop. I remember seeing that and just bawling because it goes so fast. So guess what they did for Griffin? And.... HE LOVED IT SO MUCH! What a special treat on such a special day....

How sweet/sad is this picture? She sure misses her Bubba. Me too.

I still CANNOT believe he rides a bus. I lost it when he got on. Then, we followed it :)

See that happy face?? 

Here are my crazy-mom-following-the-bus photos!

We met G at school and walked him to his class. I cannot stress how happy he was. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I just wanted him to be happy and to have the best day. 

The PTO had coffee for the moms and then we were able to see the kindergartners practice the cafeteria routine. I had to make myself leave. I just wanted him to be okay. And you know what?

He came home running to tell me how happy he was. And that made me beyond happy. (PLUS - cousin Lexi was there to greet him!)

There are tears behind those sunglasses. He's home, he's smiling, and he loves kindergarten. 

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