Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Photo Dump - Part VI

The final summer post! Last summer, I was pregnant with Emmy so we didn't do much at all. I guess we made up for it this summer :) 

Griffin had a baseball game on his bucket list, so we went on a mommy/son date to see the Astros! We had fun running around the kids zone, eating snow cones, and watching some b-ball!

Hot mess (aka Emmy) had donuts on her birthday and later found some watermelon rinds in the trash and went to town! 

Big brother thought there needed to be some excitement on his sister's birthday, so he lost his 2nd tooth! Birthdays and the Tooth Fairy - what a fun way to celebrate August 15, 2014!

Playdates with Kiki also made the bucket list - we took a trip to the candy store so the big 1st grader and kindergartner could load up on some sugar!

And we did this A LOT this summer....

A day date with Daddy was checked off the list too!

And G asked if we could switch the beach for a day at the Aquarium so we did! Fun day for everyone!

There have been a few times this summer where we couldn't do one thing or had to leave early because Emmy needed a nap or was crazy (she pretty much requires chasing all day long). So G asked if he and Daddy could have a boys weekend in Stephenville. It was just what he needed - being a boy outside in the country with his cousins! It was made extra special that Lexi and Uncle Tanner made the trip with them! 

Good quality cousin time with Gunner, Gavin, Griffin, and Lexi!

Phew - we made it! Completing our bucket list required a parents night out! We had a great time at a local wine bar with friends - it was much needed. Plus, I needed something to keep my mind off the first day of school! Pics of that big day coming soon!

Farewell, Summer 2014 - you were a good one!

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